Alyssa Cubed  is a multi-instrumentalist interested in learning everything that piques her curiosity. She plays everything from guitar, ukulele, saxophone, banjo,  jaw harp, synths, piano, midi hardware, and other miscellaneous instruments. She’s known for her unique soundscape loops.


She started playing guitar when she was nine years old and started producing her own music at nineteen years old. She takes inspiratino from multiple genres ranging from indie folk, edm, alternative, ethnic, ambient, hip-hop, progressive house, psytrance, drum n’ bass, indie rock, and lo-fi.


“There’s a whole spectrum of music to explore, appreciate, and create. The possibilities are endless and I don’t want to limit myself. I want to make music that makes me and others who listen feel more connected to yourself and to life. That includes incorporating a wide spectrum of sound and expression. Embracing authenticity is ultimately what I want my body of work to reflect.”